I’d been hoping to get into her pants, but I didn’t expect our first time to be so open.

We’d been driving around in her car, an older Subaru Outback with a manual transmission and more than a few quirks. She was driving, her friend (best friend? I don’t think I ever knew) was in the back seat while I was riding shotgun. We were just telling jokes, flirting, doing what hot-blooded 18-year-old kids do when they have too much time on their hands during a cool fall night.

Lori was this short, stacked blonde girl. And I mean stacked. Huge tits. Wide hips. Fat ass that filled out her jeans just right. Short blonde pixie haircut, blue eyes and a voice that just dripped with sexuality. She was the physical personification of sex, my own personal Marylin Monroe, and I had been infatuated with her since the moment I first saw her. Me, I was a walking contradiction. A rocking drummer boy from the country who loved jazz and reading Tolkien. I wasn’t skinny but I was lean, in the way that constant physical work will make you look. I wasn’t built like a jock, but formative years spent splitting firewood, hauling feed, fixing fence lines and bucking bales of hay puts muscle on you that isn’t obvious at first. Big legs because I didn’t own a car of my own, so I rode my mountain bike everywhere. Long hair, because every aspiring rock drummer has to have long hair, right? Glasses that kept sliding down my nose. And every time I got around Lori, a rock-hard erection that I’m damn sure she noticed. We had flirted like mad ever since we met, and I was pretty sure she wanted me almost as much as I wanted her, but we never seemed to be able to have any privacy to discover how much who wanted who. We had kissed and I’d gotten to second base, but never further than that.

We had driven to an apartment complex where her friend was going to meet up with somebody that we didn’t know and had no intention of meeting. Looking back it was probably a drug buy, but back then I didn’t think twice about it, nor did I really care. All I knew is that I was close to that voluptuous body that I’d been lusting after, and we were going to have a bit of time to ourselves. Granted, it would be in a parking lot and we can’t do much in a car (or so I thought) but it was still my idea of heaven. We pulled in to a parking spot and Lori’s friend got out. “Give me like ten minutes, OK?” We said fine, and off she went.

Lori looked over at me and asked, “Know how to spend ten minutes?” I smiled, then I leaned over and kissed her. She melted into the kiss, our tongues twirling around each other. I finally came up for breath and said “We could do a lot more of that, I think.” She giggled, then said “Or we could do a lot MORE than that.”

“More is good. I like more.” I went in for another kiss and she responded, leaning into me and then pushing me back into my seat. “I’ve got a great way to spend ten minutes!” I cocked an eyebrow at her and she smiled, then ran her hand down to my crotch, where my erection was already threatening to burst through my jeans. I caught my breath as her fingers undid my fly and started stroking me through my underwear. “How about you slide these down a bit?” She didn’t have to say it twice. I pushed my pants down to my knees, and she bent over the center console and sucked my dick into her mouth. I groaned as she swirled her tongue around me, bobbing her head up and down. She released my dick and smiled up at me. “I’ve been looking at that hard-on all day. I’m so damn wet thinking about having you inside me that my panties are soaked.”

Holy crap, she did want me as much as I wanted her. My head was swimming from what she said and what she had done with her mouth, and the only thing I could think of saying was “Well then, why don’t you let me slip inside you?”

She bit her lip, looking around the parking lot we were in. She giggled and then was crawling over the console, straddling me, undoing her pants and pushing them down to her knees. I was in shock. I had been lusting after this girl and suddenly she’s going to give herself to me in the seat of a car? I hadn’t thought she would actually do it, I was just trying to plant the seed as it were. And yet here she was, about to give me what I’d been wanting ever since I saw her.

She adjusted her position so that her pussy was directly over my throbbing dick, then lowered herself onto me. It was the best feeling in the world, this warm, wet heat sliding up and down my shaft. She wasn’t joking about how wet she was. I could feel her pussy juices running down my crotch, coating my balls, and every time I slid inside her I could feel more of her juices running out. I slid my hands under her shirt and undid her bra. Those gorgeous breasts overflowed into my hands, and I gave them a squeeze. She moaned at that and began riding me faster. I found her nipple and sucked it into my mouth, gently nibbling it, then using my teeth harder as she gasped and held on to my head, pulling me in tight. “Fuck yes! Someone who finally knows how to do it right!” That urged me on to get more intense, rougher, sucking her nipple into my mouth and then using my teeth and my tongue to push her pleasure higher. Her voice raised in pitch as I switched between her two nipples, giving each of them my attention as I listened to her, finding out what I did that drove her wild.

Her legs were quivering on either side of me so I held her hips and began pumping myself up into her, which made her squeak and then moan even louder. She leaned forward, resting her body against mine as I thrust harder and harder. I could feel her breasts bouncing against my chest, and her hands on the back of my neck as she moaned my name with her face pressed against my neck. The entire thing was a fantasy come true. and I felt my balls begin to tingle as I approached the edge. I looked up at her and managed to gasp her name. “Lori….” She leaned down and kissed me, then took over the motion, rocking her hips and grinding her mound against me. My hips stuttered in their thrusting, and she slammed her pussy down on me right as I came and held it there as I pumped shot after shot of cum inside her. I could feel her pussy clenching around me and she was making grunting noises as her body shook from her own orgasm.

We eventually managed to start breathing normally again. Lori was grinning, and I kissed her again. “I would tell you how much I loved that, but I don’t think I need to use words right now.” She laughed, and then we heard a knock on the glass. Her friend had come back from her little meeting and was outside the car. Lori and I looked at each other and couldn’t help but laugh some more. Busted. We put our clothes back on as best we could, then unlocked the door. As the friend opened the door, I could hear clapping and cheering. I opened my door and looked around. There were at least three balconies of people who had been watching the show and apparently approved. Lori was in the driver’s seat again, blushing and laughing, and I looked around, then gave a bow and hopped back in the car. Lori took off and her friend complained about how much the car smelled like sex. I was laughing and Lori said “That’s what you get for making us stop!”

We drove to her friend’s house, and she hopped out of the car with a remark about how we couldn’t keep our hands off each other if we tried. As we drove off, I reached over and caressed Lori’s thigh. “She right about that. I don’t know if I could keep my hands off you, even if my life depended on it.” Lori bit her lip has my fingers grazed her inner thigh, then suddenly made a turn onto a dirt road and drove until we came to an entrance to a grass field. She slowly drove into the field, then stopped and turned off the car. She looked at me, then smiled and scrambled over the seat. I followed her, and we put down the back seats so that we could lay down together in the rear of the car. She was pushing her pants down, and I was struggling out of my jeans as fast as I could get them off. We pushed our clothing to the sides and lay together, touching and kissing. I ran my fingers over every curve of her body, delighting in how soft her skin felt, relishing every curve. She reached for me and I crawled between her legs, my hard-on back and ready as ever. I kissed her and she wrapped her arms around me. “This time, you take me. Take me like a man. Take me the way I want to be taken.”

I was so turned on that I growled. I grabbed her hips and ran the tip of my dick up and down her pussy lips until I got it right at her hole, and thrust into her. She was so wet from our prior lovemaking that I bottomed out inside her with that first thrust, and she cried out in pleasure. I began pumping my hips, thrusting like a madman, or like a horny eighteen-year-old man finally getting what he wanted. Pretty much the same thing. Every thrust brought another cry from her mouth, and I began sucking on her neck, nipping at her skin as I pounded her. I felt her nails on my back digging in as she held on to me. I found a sensitive spot on her shoulder with my mouth and she gasped as I began sucking on the skin there, slowly biting her and marking her as mine. I could hear her voice in my ears as I lost myself in her body. “Oh yes! Shit! Yes! Fuck yes! Harder! Harder!” I began thrusting harder and biting harder and her nails dug furrows down my back as she threw her head back and screamed as her second orgasm of the night hit her. I slammed myself inside her and held myself there as her body quivered around me and she made gasping noises with every twitch.

When she could breathe again, I nuzzled her neck, then growled “Roll over”. She quickly went to her hands and knees, her ass presented for me. The smell of sex made my head swim. I tried to get into position to take her from behind but there wasn’t enough room in the back of her Subaru. I popped the back door open and crawled out so I could stand up, and then I pulled her towards me. We were in the middle of a field on a dark summer night with no lights around us. There was no chance of anyone seeing us this time. She positioned herself for me at the back of the car, her ass swaying as she panted. She was in heat, and I was completely under her spell. Neither of us could think of anything but how good it felt to do this with each other. I grabbed her hips again and slid myself inside her with a groan. She moaned and pushed against me, and I started thrusting into her again, my balls slapping against her clit with every push. I could feel her legs quivering, and she pressed her legs together then slowly sank down onto her knees, unable to keep herself upright. The added pressure around my cock was sensational. I slowed my thrusting but changed my angle so I thrust deeper inside her and I could feel her pussy start throbbing around me as she came a third time. The feeling of her orgasm and the cries she was making drove me over the edge again and I slammed myself home deep inside her, my cock spurting and filling her up with my seed again. I stood there trying to catch my breath as her body quivered and twitched.

The cool Fall air had been warmer during the day but turned a little cold once the sun went down, and it felt good on my skin. I stood there until I was too soft to stay inside her, and I pulled back with a little moan of regret. Lori fell forward and collapsed into the back of the car. I crawled in next to her and shut the back hatch, then wrapped my arms around her and kissed her over and over, telling her how wonderful she was and how much I wanted her. She smiled and snuggled into my arms, until we both realized just how late it was. We reluctantly got back into our clothes and she drove me to where my bike was locked up. As she dropped me off, she looked into the mirror and pulled her shirt to the side, exposing the mark I’d made on her shoulder. “You really got excited there, didn’t you?”

I smiled and kissed her again. “I think the marks on my back would say you were excited just as much.” I moved my lips next to her ear so I could whisper to her, “I wanted to make you mine. And I want you to remember what we did every time you see that. I can’t wait to do it again.” I felt her breathing speed up, and she pulled me close for another kiss. “Oh yes, I think that’s a wonderful idea!”

We met up again the next night.

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