Chapter one – The Sad News

I was packing to travel to the funeral of a university friend, a sorority sister, losing her painful battle with cancer. The phone call had come from Savana in tears she had been taking care of our dear friend/sister. I had not seen Savana since her visit to Chicago and looked forward to catching up with her even though the circumstances were not the best. Savana is a divorced mother of two boys five foot tall with long red hair, dazzling green eyes a tight body and large breast. Throwing my bags in my Jeep I headed south out of the city on I-sixty-five for the six hour drive.

Through the Indiana country side my thoughts were of my gorgeous friend she sounded so sad on the phone. Around those Indianapolis bi-ways crossing the Ohio river finally pulling in at her small farm just outside of Elizabethtown. I saw her feeding the horses her red hair pulled back. Waving at her, she ran to me, embracing in a long tearful hug. We entered the house arms around each other and I could smell something good cooking in the kitchen.

“Hey Megan,” I said excitedly, giving her a big hug and a kiss on the cheek.

Megan a dark haired beauty a little taller then me with brown eyes and a fine ass. I put my bags in a room upstairs and returned to the kitchen to help Megan with the cooking. We cooked as more sorority sisters arrived and the house came alive with the noise of old friends reminiscing, mourning the lose of one of our own. Riley was the last to arrive, my university roommate my first lesbian lover smaller then I am a natural beauty she exudes charm and grace, she hugged me from behind as I rolled dough for biscuits and whispered in my ear, “I’ve missed you, Cheri,” her warm breath tickling my ear.

Preparation for the meal after the funeral tomorrow finally over in the kitchen I joined the poker game already in progress. Reminiscing with my sorority sisters about our university days and our dearly departed as Riley and I played an erotic game of footsie under the table.

Our cute little feet involved in an erotic dance a prelude of things to come I hoped. We drank and talked of old times until the hour grew very late and we all retired to our assigned rooms. Removing my cloths I slipped into the small bed thinking of Riley.

Awaken a short time later by Riley climbing in bed next to me. She snuggled her little warm naked body next to mine and I stroked her hair softly. Her soft hand on my flat stomach, I felt her warm hand slipping lower through my soft red pubes, I tingled at her soft touch, her fingers rubbing my pussy gently. I looked in her dazzling brown eyes full of sexual lust and desire. Kissing her sweet lips my long tongue dancing in her mouth as her fingers entered my wet cunt.

She worked in and out of my wet pussy slowly, kissing my neck then shoulders, teasing my nipples with her tongue. Riley sucked on my small breast as I shivered from the wonderful sensations. Lower still kissing her way down my flat stomach tonguing my belly button. Her face and nose gliding through my red pubes she sucked my tiny clit into her mouth.

I bit my lip so to remain quiet and not wake the rest of the sorority sisters which was not easy to do. Her wet fingers sliding between my ass cheeks smearing my wetness on my tight little butthole. Riley’s tongue probed inside my vagina, curling, twisting tasting my juices.

I brought my knees up, my little toes curling, my hands in her hair. An orgasm building inside me trembling in sheer delight. I bit my lip hard as my body shook uncontrollably waves of pleasure crashing over my little body. As I recovered Riley nestled in beside me kissing my lips I tasted my sweet pussy.

Kissing me sweetly, then passionately, her tongue dancing in my mouth. Our naked bodies coming together, hands, fingers, smooth legs, cute little feet rubbing each other. Pussies grinding together bringing more sexual arousal.

Fingers inside wet pussies, two women on fire, sorority sisters. Humping frantically, squeals, moans and sighs, feelings building, bed squeaking. Speed increasing here comes our orgasmic delight. A great way to end the perfect day. Panting like wild animals, bodies grinding and shaking, squirting her juices, a beautiful thing the art of two women making love just like old times. Giggling at the situation we laid their snuggled together drifting off to sweet slumber.

I awoke in the morning and just watched Riley breath she is so cute sleeping so sweetly. Stroking her hair waiting for her to open those beautiful eyes.

Chapter Two: Breakfast

“I heard you two playing last night,” Savana said in a low voice into my ear.

I nervously giggled and gave her the, “sorry if we kept you up.”

“It made me so wet,” she replied with a smile and a wink.

We had breakfast at the big table in the dinning room reminiscing about our dead friend, so sad, so young. Savana sitting across from me her feet playing with mine under the table, strangely erotic feelings encompassing me, a wetness growing between my legs. Her foot and long toes drifting up my smooth leg. finding her way under my sun dress to my panty covered pussy, sliding to the edge of my chair, I met her long toes with enthusiasm.

Working her way inside my panties her toes sliding inside my wet pussy. Fucking me with her wonderful toes, biting my lip, my juices covering her foot. She stared at me with those gorgeous green eyes watching me being pleasured by her foot. Grinding into her toes feeling her toes go deeper into my wet pussy.

Surrounded by the sorority sisters eating and talking still oblivious to Savana making love to me under the table with her long toes. Savana smiling at me, struggling in pleasure, as her foot worked magic on my cunt. My little body tingling struggling not to moan my orgasm erupting around her foot shaking me to my core.

“Cheri, Cheri, are you OK?” I heard Megan ask.

“Sure, it’s just such an emotional time, so sad the reason we are all here, but so wonderful to spend time with all of you again, those conflicting emotions are almost to much to bear” I replied with tears in my eyes.

Megan leaned over hugging me as did a few of the other sorority sisters a truly emotional moment between dear friends.

Chapter Three: Horseback Riding

After the funeral, dinner, as people left I cleaned up putting things away washing dishes. Then it was just the four of us sorority sister left with our sadness for friend gone to soon. Savana suggested we go riding and I changed cloths, put on jeans, boots and a flannel shirt. In the barn we saddled the horses mounting them for a ride to clear are heads. We rode in the brisk March air through the woods surrounding the farm passing a flask of bourbon between us.

The ride was relaxing the conversation was light and easy between us. The burdened of giving our departed sister a proper send off complete. We stopped at the Blackburn Creek and tied the horse up as we walked along the bank watching the water flow over the rocks.

“I’ve never been with a woman,” Megan said out of nowhere.

We all laughed at her bluntness, “There is still time you are a very attractive woman,” I said in a comforting way.

She stopped and spun around in one quick motion kissing me on the lips sliding her wet tongue in my mouth. Passion, lust, maybe the bourbon took over and we stood there on the banks of the Blackburn Creek making out. Megan’s hands roamed my body freely she seemed on a mission.

Megan fumbling, unbuttoning my jeans sliding her warm hand inside my red lace panties through my soft red bush she played with my pussy. My body responded to her touch moaning softly my pussy growing wet with desire. Before I could form my own thoughts at what was happening she was on her knees lowering my jeans her nose buried in my red pubes lapping at my wet pussy with her tongue. My hands in her hair holding her head the feeling of the brisk breeze and her warm tongue washing over me increasing my pleasure.

“That’s feels so good, Megan, taste my sweet pussy,” I was into it.

My words encouraged her she probed deep inside my wet pussy with her tongue fingers spreading my lips. Tingling in delight, I opened my eyes, a beautiful site Megan on her knees eagerly eating my cunt. I saw Riley laying in the grass legs in the air Savana’s head between her legs. Pleasure flowing through me like a lightning bolt, electricity, shaking my little body in pleasure. I heard Riley scream in delight looking over to see her wiggling in the grass toes pointed to the sky.

A lesbian orgy on the banks of the Blackburn rolling and playing in the tall grass. Kissing Megan while my fingers explored inside her wet cunt her legs bent humping my hand filled with a sexual fever. Watching Riley and Savana sixty-nine working out our grief in a physical way.

Chapter Four: Sorority sisters forever Zeta Tau Alpha

Back at the farmhouse we sat around the fireplace drinking wine, telling stories melancholy had set in over our small group. Tomorrow it was back to our lives we made promises to stay in touch but we all lived very busy lives in different parts of the country.

Savana took my hand and we walked up the stairs to her bedroom. Laying down together we cuddled holding each other filled with emotion. Endings and beginnings, life and death, we made sweet love that was ten years in the making. Her beautiful face, soft lips, finding comfort in the arms of my sorority sister.

Our eyes filled with tears, joy and sadness, such strong emotions coming forward. Trying to find a sense of meaning to it all I love Savana in ways you can only have with someone you share history with, memories of days gone by, growing, learning, loving, together on our separate journeys, apart but always together.

Savana wrapping her legs around my body a slow erotic humping, rubbing, grinding, two becoming one. A mystical, primal connection, our sex sounds filling the silent night a beautiful song coming together in a grand climax.

Chapter Five: A morning shower

Climbing in the shower with her, washing Savana’s back with my soft soapy hands, reaching around washing her breast with the hot soapy water, I teased with her soapy nipples, taking my time, as I let my hand slide down slowly over her flat stomach over her smooth body to a soaking wet pussy.

Rubbing softly, caressing, washing, the soap so slippery, making love to each other, letting my wet soapy fingers play with with her little clit, rubbing softly. Inserting one then two fingers inside her, kissing under the hot water. Slowly moving in and out, our desire growing with each thrust. Our soapy fingers making a slurping sound as our fingers thrust in then out. The hot water, the steam, lust, mixing to make a beautiful moment between sorority sisters, old friends, new lovers.

Tingling all over with sensory pleasures, legs spread and my right foot raised on the tube, hot water trickling down my ass crack sending shivers up my spine. Moaning, pulling back, moving my hips to meet her soapy slick fingers plunging into me. My body dancing with pleasure, a magnificent feeling, our scents filling the bathroom, the sweet smell of sex.

Slowly dropping my wet fingers down the crack of Savana’s plump ass to her tight asshole rubbing my soapy fingers on her tight little asshole. Probing the entrance, gently, poking one wet finger inside her ass thrusting so deep, she lets out a deep sigh. Then out, then in, adding another wet soapy finger and a third driving hard pounding her ass, deeper and deeper. Savana rubbing my wet soapy clit as the first waves of sheer pleasure start encompassing my little body.

The hot water, a bathroom full of hot steam, our own little sauna. The pain and pleasure, the depravity, of fucking my sorority sister’s sweet ass. The dirty little redheaded, I love so much, as she screams in delight, I drop to my knees for a taste of her sweet cunt.

Savana is so wet my long tongue exploring her sweet insides. Curling, dancing, tasting her juices with my long tongue. She grabbed my head, gasping for air, legs trembling. knees buckling, “YES! Cheryle YES!” She screamed.

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