I was on leave from my knightly duties and walked through the seedy town. With a bag full of gold, I walked through the wet alleyways and busty taverns. It was a busy night tonight, and I had nowhere to really go. I eventually stumbled upon an old watering hole with hardly a soul inside. I stumbled in and walked to the bar. The owner, a human, spun around and whipped his towel over his shoulder. I ordered a drink and sat in silence. My mind turned to thoughts from the academy, my training, and my battles. It was a lonely, dangerous, and isolating life. One that was sold to me as one of high honour and valour. But now I found myself at this lowly bar alone at night, wishing I was anyone else. I looked around the bar and noticed many of the patrons were like me. Humans, a few orcs, and a wizard in the corner gazing intently at some orbs and trinkets in his booth. I sighed and spun back around, taking another long sip of my drink.

“You don’t seem very happy.” A voice said next to me. “Want some company?”

I spun around on my stool and noticed a short female goblin had sat herself next to me. She seemed to be in her twenties, maybe younger. Her small face held a mischievous smile as she leant close to me. She wore tight fitting leather, and large metal rings were pierced into her ears and nose. I quickly realised she worked here at the tavern, helping the owner sell rooms to lonely patrons who wanted some relief.

“I’m sorry, but I’m not interested.” I replied, trying to get up from my seat.

The goblin stopped me by placing a hand on my arm. “Hey, come on, friend! Don’t you like goblins? We don’t bite! In fact, we’re quite friendly; just ask our regulars.” Her face looked so innocent and inviting. I couldn’t help but feel drawn to her. I sat back down on my stool.

“It’s just that I’ve never really… ‘paid’ for company before.” I said with a nervous laugh. She smiled and laughed, shaking my arm as she did.

“Aw, you’re just the cutest! Tell you what, if you want me to do ‘this’ for you, it’s just 2 gold pieces.” As she spoke, she held up her hand and pretended to fellate an invisible member, using her tongue to extend her cheek outward. Even making a few novelty gagging sounds. I couldn’t help but chuckle. And my body couldn’t help but react a little downstairs.

“How romantic!” I said sarcastically, “But I’m really not interested.” She pouted. “Oh, come on, sugar, you won’t get a better service than that! Or are you one of those chaste knights?”

My face grew red. “And what if I am?” I said, looking down at my hands.

“Aw, you poor thing! I’m sorry; I must be making you really uncomfortable. I can’t imagine how pent up you must feel.” Actual empathy seemed to be radiating from her. “Please…” I started before being cut off once again.

“If you need someone to take care of you, I can. And it can be our secret, sugar.” Her words roused my emotions like nothing ever had before. She let go of my arm and was about to hop off the bar stool, but I grabbed her arm just before she left.

“..So how much for a room upstairs?”


My new goblin friend led me up the old, rickety stairs of the tavern and into a small guest room. There was a bed stuffed with hay, a window, and a few boxes scattered around. Not exactly the lodgings I was used to. The rain pattered down on the window as we stepped inside.

“Well, darling, here we are.” She said, her hands behind her back, biting her lip as she looked up at me. At 3 feet tall, I towered over her tiny frame, despite how developed her body looked. I sat down on the bed so I could be at eye level with her.

“So, how would you like to start?” She asked, stepping towards me with lust in her eyes. She may have been a whore by trade, but a part of me suspected she enjoyed doing this.

“What’s your name?” I asked, sitting up against the headboard.

“Mina. Mina the Goblin.” She answered with a wink.

“Okay then, Mina the Goblin. Could I please see your, uh, bossoms?”

She giggled. “They’re right here.” Without warning, she gripped the front of her leather chestpiece and tugged it down, her green tits spilling out like water. She then grabbed my hand and placed it one. I could feel her nipple harden as she pressed it against my palm. It was soft and warm, like nothing I had felt before.

“So, how does your first goblin titty feel, sir knight?”

“It feels good.” I said truthfully. She smiled and leant in. My hand still gripping her breast. She kissed me softly, her tongue slipping into my mouth. Her other hand slipped under my shirt and began massaging my hairy belly.

“How about I show you what we goblin girls are famous for around here?” She whispered as she undid my belt and pulled at my pants. She leant down and took a deep breath, pulling at my briefs and watching my cock spring free. Despite being chaste, my member was unusually large. Even soft, it would dangle like a sausage. But when hard, it would be comparable to the size of a club. And right now, it was inches away from the face of this cute goblin.

“By the gods, such size… I’ve never seen anything like it.” She said, staring in awe at my member. Her eyes narrowed as she licked her lips.

“You humans… it’s no wonder you control this kingdom; you are simply massive…” she said in awe. As if by instinct, I ran my fingers through her hair across her scalp and wrapped my other hand around the base of my growing cock. With lust taking over, I lowered the weight of my massive member across her face. It completely dwarfed her, and the heat of her skin was making me tingle all over. Her eyes rolled back, seemingly lost in the surrender of it. I pulled her head back to position the tip against her plush green lips.

She opened wide, and I pushed forwards. Inch by inch, I slid into her mouth, pulling her head towards me to help guide my shaft inside. I felt myself hit the wall of her throat, and her eyes widened. She looked up at me with lust. As if giving me permission to proceed. I grunted and pushed past her throat barrier. I felt her body tighten and attempt to gag, but it was useless. Her throat distended as I buried my cock to the hilt, almost reaching into her stomach. My huge white balls were slapping against her chin.

I sat there for a minute with my hand on the back of her head, keeping her in place. Every twitch and groan she tried to make reverberated onto my cock and made me want to cum right then and there. I looked down and noticed her eyes were starting to roll back, so in a slight panic, I pulled out slowly, and with a loud SLORP, I pulled my meat free from her jaws. As soon as it was free, she let out a gasp for air and slowly regained her composure.

“What a beast.” She gasped. “No male of my kind could ever gag me like you just did.” She breathed heavily. I picked up my cock and slapped her cheek with it.

“Less talk, more sucking, slut.” I ordered.

“Yes, sir!” was all I heard back as she immediately started worshipping my cock. Her tiny hands rubbed it as she kissed it all over. She began to sloppily make out with the head of my dick, sliding her tongue up against my slit while caressing my huge balls in her hands. She was moaning and growling into my cock, her hands squeezing my sack tightly. She opened her lips and sucked the head of my bulbous cock into her mouth. Her tongue lashed it and sucked with precision speed. She was trying to milk me, and she was about to get her wish.

I pinched her nose shut and grunted as I began shooting stream after stream of thick white spunk into her waiting mouth. I watched as her cheeks inflated and her eyes bulged in her head as she struggled to swallow all of my pent-up nutsludge. She curled up her hands and shut her eyes, giving a few loud, audible gulps before finally releasing her mouth from my cock. She looked up at me and opened her mouth, showing not a trace of my baby batter left.

“Now what would a good little goblin do?” I said it in a mockingly cruel tone.

“She would say thank you, sir!” She replied, her voice a bit faded but still cute as ever.

I reached into my bag and pulled out two gold pieces, as agreed, flicking them towards her. She instantly caught them and stuffed them into a bag I hadn’t noticed until now. She may have enjoyed that, but she clearly took getting paid very seriously.

“Thank you, sir, for giving me a chance.” She said this as I stretched. “I just hope you don’t feel guilty for what we did. It’s not like we fucked. I’m sure that means your vow is still intact!”

I forced a smile and nodded. “I guess sometimes even chaste knights get lonely, right?” I said, with a wave of my hand.

She wiped her lips on her arm in a quick effort to tidy up. Some of her lipstick smudged with it. After a few moments, she smiled and gave me a wink. “It’s a damn shame too. That thing you’ve got down there is a gift. It’s a crime to see it go to waste like that.” She added, stroking my cock gently.

“Thanks, but I did swear an oath. I won’t lie though, the idea of never knowing what it’s like to be with a woman and giving my life to the kingdom is.. crushing.” I sighed, some sadness in my voice.

“Sugar, do you want me to give you some advice?” The busty goblin said, looking up at me. I nodded.

Without saying a word, she climbed up on the bed and kissed me. I was temporarily frozen in my response, which gave her just enough time to reach down, lift my cock up, and impale herself on it, sinking just past the head.

“My advice is: Fuck the rules. And fuck me instead.”

My head was swirling with emotions. In a mix of fury and lust, I gripped her waist as if they were handlebars and pushed her down onto the full length of my massive cock. She clearly was not designed to take a mate like me, and I could see my cock bulge her stomach out as I hit her cervix. She let out something mixed between a lustful moan and a scream as I pinned her down and started treating her less as a woman and more like my own breeding toy. My hips were moving so fast that I was practically remodelling her green insides. She wrapped her arms around my neck and moaned softly into my ear.

“Give this dirty goblin your strong human seed!” She commanded, and I was more than happy to oblige.

All I could focus on was the rush of pleasure coursing through me from fucking this tiny creature. I don’t know how long we were going at it for, but eventually I felt my balls churn once more as I released load after load into her womb. I felt her squeeze me tight, and I exploded further, filling her to the brim. I collapsed besides her, exhausted.

She climbed off me and leant over, pulling the bedsheet over us both and cuddling up next to me. Our bodies still drenched in sweat and sex. My seed still dripping down past her thighs as she nestled her face into my hairy chest.

“That was the best lay of my life.” She gasped between breaths. The reality of what I had done was settling in. I had gone against my oath. My people. and yet I hadn’t felt much different. Then suddenly, something else hit me.

“You won’t get pregnant from that, right?” I asked hesitantly.

She smiled and wiggled a finger. “Nope! One in a thousand chance!”

I gave a weak smile, and we fell asleep together. Man and beast.


When I awoke, I found myself alone on the bed. Everything was still covered in my cum, and Mina’s scent lingered on everything. I found a note from Mina.

“Hey stud, thanks for the fun last night. Something came up, so I had to run out the door. Don’t worry about paying me for the extra fun we had last night. Consider it my gift to you.

Love, Mina xoxo”

I gathered my things and made my way downstairs. I looked around, and Mina was nowhere to be found. I felt a little sad, but I made my way outside and back to the castle courtyard. I had to return to training after all.


A month had passed since my faithful night with Mina. I found myself thinking of her often. It distracted me from my studies and left me feeling empty. I was finally released back into town and decided to hit up every tavern to look for her. I poked my head into bars left and right. Starting with the one I faithfully met her in. But to my dismay, she was not in any of them.

I gave a description of her to the patrons, and even had a few other women of the night try to solicit me. But I ignored them and carried on in my quest. Eventually, one man confirmed he had seen someone of her description working on the other side of the kingdom, at a small inn. Not wanting to waste time, I took the quickest route I could and found myself outside a dilapidated inn. This one was in goblin territory and seemed to be a family-run establishment for smaller folk. I gathered my pride and stepped in, seeing a sea of green faces. It was clear my kind was not expected to walk into these parts, but I digressed and explored the inn. Goblins were laughing and eating meals; really, they were no different from humans in that regard. I couldn’t find Mina, so I decided to approach the barkeep.

“I’m looking for a goblin girl named Mina. Red hair and wears leather. Have you seen her?” The barkeep, clearly not entertained, snarled at me.

“Either buy something or get out, humie. We don’t want your kind here any more than you want us in your fancy bars.” He scoffed. I sighed and threw a gold coin down on the bar.

“Please, if you know anything, just tell me.” I pleaded. He rolled his eyes and tried to push my gold back at me, but a long-armed goblin sitting besides us reached over and snatched it up.

“Mina’s at home resting! She lives in the house on the corner!” He giggled, not making eye contact as he looked at the shiny gold piece.

“DAMNIT GLIM, I WAS GOING TO GET MORE OUT OF HIM!” The barkeep shouted at the patron. I decided not to stick around and made my way outside in a hurry. I looked around, and sure enough, in the distance, I saw a small cobblestone house on the corner with a light on. I walked over in a hurry and knocked on the door. A familiar voice filled my ears.

“Who is it?” I heard her ask.

“An old friend.” I confidently replied back through the wooden door. I heard a latch unlock, and the door swung open, but what I saw was nothing I could have expected.

It was Mina, and her belly was swollen like she had eaten an entire ham in a single sitting.

She looked at me with wide eyes before grabbing my hand and pulling me in, locking the door behind her.

“We need to talk. Now.” She led me through her home to her dining table, which was definitely more suited for goblins, but I sat down as comfortably as I could. She sat opposite me, slowly making sure she didn’t knock her bloated belly in the process.

“You’re.. pregnant?” I asked.

“No, I’m just fat. Of course I’m pregnant!” She snapped back, the candle lighting up the frustration in her eyes. The room went quiet, and I saw her face twist up in pain.

“I’m sorry. It’s just the hormones going through me. It’s been hard for me since I saw you last.” Mina said, clearly holding back a lot of pain.

“But… who?” I asked, fearing what the answer might be.

“Well, the way I handle my work, pregnancy is practically impossible. To be honest with you, I never have sex with my clients. I just use my mouth on them.” She said, fidgeting her hands and looking away at me.

“But we did have sex. You jumped me and-” Mina then cut me off.

“I know. I broke my own rule, and now… this is the consequence.” She lifted her hand over her stomach and looked at me. It all sunk in. She was pregnant, and she was suggesting I was the father.

“This is absurd! You’re a nightwalker! You service men every night, are you telling me I’m the only man whose seed you’ve taken in the last month? You’re just trying to pin this on me! Is this blackmail? Is it money you want?” She looked at me with a painful expression.

“How… how dare you! I’m telling you the truth! You think just because I’m a goblin, I’d lie to you? I’m having your children with or without you! If that’s what you really think of me and my kind, then get out of my house! I don’t ever want to see you again, and I’ll raise this child on my own!” Mina was on the verge of tears, still clutching her pregnant belly, tears forming. I felt a wave of guilt hit me.

“I’m.. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to… I’m just scared of what this means. For me… and for you.” I said, looking sheepishly down at my feet. “If they are mine, then… they will be half-breeds. And if they’re traced back to me, I’ll be expelled from the academy, and possibly worse!” I said, trying to think this through logically.

“Of course you’d just think about how this affects you. Selfish human…” She said, still tears forming in the corners of her eyes as she rubbed her stomach.

“If you were so sure it was me, why didn’t you come and find me? Why weren’t you back at the tavern?” I asked.

“Because… you’re a knight, right? I can’t ask that of you. I thought maybe… I could do this on my own. And let you serve your purpose. So I decided to work a clean job close to home to save as much as I could before I give birth.” She said this, realising that maybe she had bit off way more than she could chew.

“Thank you. But that’s not your choice to make.” I shut my eyes and breathed deeply. “Because I’ve decided I’m helping you.”

She looked at me with a mix of hope and hesitation.

“B-But, I’m just some goblin. You’re a knight! I can’t ask that of you!”

I leant forwards and grabbed her small, green hand. “You don’t have to ask me. I may be a knight. But I’m also a man. And a man takes responsibility. I broke my oath last month to you. I didn’t regret it then. And I still don’t regret it now, Mina.”

She looked at me with life reigniting in her eyes, I placed my hand on her cheek and guided her face to mine, our lips meeting in a kiss like nothing we had shared before. My hand moved down and slid over her pregnant belly. I swear I could feel a kick or two.


“I’m home,” I chirped. We had been living together in a new, bigger home on the outskirts of the city. I had abandoned the academy and taken up work on a farm for little coin, pulling out vegetables and ploughing fields. Mina emerged from around the corner.

“Welcome home, darling!” She said, a smile plastered on her face from side to side. She ran up and hugged my waist, her belly now even bigger and preventing her from fully grasping me. Her breasts were now also a few cup sizes bigger, as if preparing her for her new role as a mother. We sat down for dinner together.

“I know it’s probably not the fancy food you used to get, but it’ll keep you fit in the fields!” She said chipperly, spooning some strew into a bowl in front of me.

“Oh, please, your cooking’s far better than you give yourself credit for, Mina.” I said truthfully. Her stews were made with a lot of care. I saw her tint red a little at my compliment. We ate our dinner and retired for the night in bed, our window open as we looked up at the stars.

“Hey sugar?” Mina asked, seeing if I was awake.

“What is it, hun?” I asked back, a bit groggy from the day at work.

“…I love you.” Was all I heard back.

“I love you too, Mina.” I swooned back, holding her tighter. But then she spun around to face me.

“No. I mean it. I. Love. You.” She said, her eyes locked on me, looking up from my chest.

“I. Know.” I replied, a dumb smile forming on my face. She was too cute for her own good. She shifted herself up and gave me another kiss.

“And. I miss fucking you. I’m too far along for it to be safe anymore.” She was right. We had only done it the one night we met. And since then she had ballooned up, and doing it would be possibly harmful to her, in all seriousness. She had used her mouth and hands on me a few times since then, but we never addressed it fully.

“Well, once you’ve popped out our bundles of joy, we can get right back to it.” I smirked. Truthfully, I couldn’t wait to go at it again. Her getting pregnant was a fluke to begin with, so I had confidence it wouldn’t happen again, and I could stuff her like a cream donut.

“That’s not soon enough. I need it now.” She said, some forcefulness in her voice. She stuffed her hand down my pants and started jerking me off. I was hard in a matter of strokes as she licked up around my ear.

“I have two holes for a reason, dummy.”

She threw off the bed sheets, and my cock felt the breeze of the cool air hit it as it stood up for attention. She threw off her robe, and her pregnant body glistened in the moonlight. She grabbed my cock and spat it on it, quickly lubing it up from base to tip. She spat on her other hand and moved it to her rear, shutting her eyes as she clearly forced a digit or two inside, preparing herself.

Mina straddled my waist and pointed my cock at her rear entrance. She shut her eyes and lowered her body weight on it, but the head just wouldn’t fit in. She grunted and squeezed, but it wasn’t budging, and I could see she was getting tired. from standing in that position with a pregnant belly like that.

“Hun, I have a better idea. Get on your elbows and knees on the side of the bed.” She looked up and nodded. Positioning herself near the edge of the bed, she bent over. I got up and walked behind her. Her ass looked so good, I stopped before going any further. And decided I wanted to spoil my goblin wife. I got down on my knees and spread her ass, looking at her tight, rosy red ring.

“Uh, hun, what are you doing back there?” She asked, letting out a slight giggle as I stared in lust. I pressed my nose up against her asshole and inhaled. It was pure sex. She let out a gasp as she realised what I was doing, pushing her ass against my face and encouraging more. I slid my tongue out and ran it up and down her asshole, curling it inside and tongue-lashing my wife’s donut until she was moaning like her whoring days.

I stood up, my cock as hard as a lance, and pressed it against her ass. Before, it wouldn’t budge, but now, with the right angle, it seemed the doors were finally opening. She let out a deep moan as the head of my cock sank in. Just as it was nearly in, she began tapping the bed, going “stop, stop, stop!” over and over. I paused and let her catch her breath. Eventually she would nod, and I would sink another inch in before she would scream for me to stop, and we would repeat the process. Eventually, I was able to fit most of myself inside her tight little ass.

“Fucking hell… You know goblin bodies aren’t designed for this sort of thing?” She groaned.

“Hey, it was your idea! And besides, human women aren’t designed for it either, but it doesn’t stop them.” I playfully slapped her ass and felt her tense up a bit. “I’m going to start now; I’ll go slow, okay?” She nodded, and I began to pull back and sink my cock back into her. The speed was so slow that it was hardly enjoyable for either of us at first. But as I slowly picked up, I noticed her weighted groans becoming soft moans. And those quickly became very loud. After 10 minutes or so, I was fucking her ass like it was her pussy two months ago.

“Fuck me, you animal! Fill my rump up!” She demanded.

“Yes ma’am!” I obliged, thrusting so hard forwards that I was finally able to fit every inch of my cock inside of her. She tried to sit up in shock, but I leant down and pinned down her head, forcing her to take my length. This display of dominance was enough to make her bite the pillow and squirt on the sheets. But I wasn’t done yet.

I hooked my arms around her chest under her breasts and picked her up, my cock still firmly lodged in her ass. I moved my hands to her thighs and lifted her up and down on my cock, her body on full display as I fucked like she was a toy. Our sheer difference in size and weight made it so thrilling. She leant her head back and stuck her tongue out at me, and I obliged and leant in for a long, sloppy kiss. My balls proceeded to pump a gallon’s worth of spunk into her intestines as I held her in my arms.

I stood there, holding her, for quite some time. Our faces were hardly apart as we caught our breath. My cock was still firmly lodged inside her rear. Until finally, she broke the silence.


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