I’d been talking to Kelly on the phone for months. I’d discovered her on SexStreet online, her profile describing her as a Taboo and domination specialist. And she never failed to disappoint. I’d email her a scenario and then I’d ring her up so that she could talk me through it. Kelly never repeated my fantasies verbatim however. She always added to them. Elaborated and expanded them in such a sexy and perverted manner that I never lasted ten minutes. I would blow my load like a geyser as I listened to her husky tones describe all manner of filth.

Kelly was only registered for direct talk. She didn’t offer escort, but I would frequently end our chats asking her to bear me in mind if she ever did start offering personals. She told me that if she did ever change her mind she would let me know. I didn’t hold out much hope though.

Then, one day in summer, I got an email from her. Kelly had decided we would meet, but she had firm stipulations. I didn’t care. I was so desperate to meet her in the flesh that I would have agreed to anything. And in the end, that’s exactly what happened.

She explained what the conditions of our meeting would be. Firstly, it would be somewhere out in the open, a place of her choice. Secondly, I was to be dressed as a women, in the sexiest clothes I could lay my hands on.

I enjoyed public sex, Kelly knew this, and I didn’t mind at all about meeting outdoors. And I loved dressing as a woman and had a large selection of clothes to choose from. Kelly knew about this as well. What I wasn’t very keen on was being seen in public while dressed as a woman.

My cross dressing was always a very private thing, done in my own house only. No one was ever invited to see me when I was dressed up. Kelly was the sole exception to the rule. I’d sent her some emails in the past containing photos of the female me. Which she’d commented very positively upon. Some of the fantasies we talked through together, consequently contained an element of my cross dressing.

I was just given a date and a time to begin with. She said other details would be given on the day. When that day finally arrived, I was feeling nervous. As much about meeting Kelly as I was about going about in public dressed as a woman. Luckily she had chosen a time when it would be dark, so I could leave the house unseen by neighbours.

I spent most of the day preparing. I shaved myself smooth all over, plucked my eyebrows, and applied plumper to make my lips full and sexy. Then I spent the afternoon watching porn. Wanking myself to the edge so that my prostate was full, swollen and aching. (I hadn’t cum for a week already, choosing to save myself for the big event.) As evening approached, I put my dick down, and went to sort out my clothes and final touches.

I decided to opt for a sexy pink and black theme. This consisted of the following.

Wig: A wavy pink and blonde bob.

Eyes: false lashes and a dark smokey eyeshadow.

Lipstick: a subtle soft dark pink.

Nail: falsies, long french manicures, same colour as my lipstick.

Legs: knee-length black boots, stocking and suspenders, an a-line tartan miniskirt – mainly grey with lines of black, pink and white.

Body: black bra, waist cincher, and lacy full length sleeve black top with plunging neckline.

When I’d finished getting ready I looked at myself in the mirror. I looked amazing. Really sexy. My body lends itself really well to looking like a woman. I am naturally slim, but with a full plump bottom and a narrow waist. The cincher exaggerated this so that my hips appeared much wider than my waist and made me look very feminine. Luckily my quite small slim hands, slender neck and shoulders did nothing to detract from the overall effect – as could often be the case with other crossdressers. In short, I was ready for action.

As it started to get dark, the message I had been waiting for finally arrived. And the place we were to meet was not too far from home. About two or three miles away, on a canal towpath. Good spot to meet, I thought. Not many people on the canal at night. However, I did wonder how to get there. There was nowhere particularly near that a car could park. So I decided to walk along the canal to the spot in question.

As I set off from home, I closed the door swiftly behind me and made a nervous dash across the main road. It was only a couple of hundred yards to the canal where I would be able to walk in peace and without being spotted. No one saw me as I teetered across the road on my high heeled boots, apart from those in a couple of passing cars. But they wouldn’t have recognised me even if they’d known me.

Once on the canal I relaxed a little, and began to walk to the destination specified, using the GPS on my phone. Luckily, I was well practised at walking in heels, as I ended up strutting down the towpath for about 40 minutes. And I have to admit, I loved it. Getting into character, I let my hips sway, and used the towpath like it was a catwalk. I was wearing no panties, and my dick stirred into a semi erect state beneath my miniskirt. I was getting turned on by the thought of being seen like this.

As I neared my destination, my phone pinged. I looked and saw a text message from Kelly.

“Are you there yet?”

“Nearly” I replied.

“Can you see the viaduct?” another message asked.

I looked ahead. An enormous viaduct crossed the canal only 100 yards ahead.

“Yes I can.”

“That’s where we’re meeting.” The text continued. “When you get to the viaduct, go down the steep path that leads under the arch from the canal. It’s private down there. No one can see us.”

“Okay” I said. I was still walking, eager to arrive.

“But just one thing. I have a surprise for you and want you to see it at the right moment. So I want you to close your eyes and only open them when you reach the flat bit at the bottom of the path.”

“Sure,” I replied. “See you soon! 🙂 XXX”

I was nearly at the viaduct now and could actually see the path. Here goes, I thought, and closed my eyes.

The path was very steep. Very. It would have been hard to go down anyway in heels, but with my eyes shut it was even more difficult. So I walked backwards, bent over with my hands on the ground to support me.

I could hear noises. Rustling noises. A woman’s laugh? Kelly must be waiting for me.

Then I hit the level ground. I turned myself to face the source of the noise, stood up straight, one hand on my hip, and struck my sexiest pose and pout.

I opened my eyes.

It was one of those moments where so much information comes flooding into the mind at once that it is hard to separate them into any logical order. But I shall try.

The first thing I noticed was the light. There were battery lamps all around me that were lighting up a 1/4 acre of level concrete under the dark arches of the viaduct.

The second thing I noticed was that my phone had lit up again, with a message from Kelly. It said, “Have fun tonight. Sorry I couldn’t be there.”

The last thing I noticed as I looked up from my phone – even though Kelly was nowhere to be seen – was that I was not alone. I had stumbled blindly into a group of about twenty men and one woman. And they didn’t look like the kind of people you wanted to meet in the dark.

The men were all big muscular guys. Tough looking. Many of them adorned with scars and tatoos. Most were white, but two of them were black. The woman was really skanky looking. Not unpretty but she had obviously had a hard life and was skinny and drawn. Tracks marks on her arm showed why. I started to back up, now VERY wary.

“Where you going?” one of the guys asked, walking up to me and licking his lips. “And what’s a fine looking lady like you doing out alone in the middle of the night. You looking for trade?” He wore a black leather jacket and white tshirt, like a modern day James Dean.

I shook my head.

“Shame. I’d have given you £20 for a blowie. Guess it’s just going to have to be for free now instead.”

He got up really close to me, his warm breath landing upon my face.

“How about a kiss first?”

“I have to go I’m afraid.” I’d practised my female tones a lot and I sounded convincingly female.

“You’re here now. You’re not going anywhere.”

He let his eyes linger over my legs and hips, before sweeping his gaze upwards. He smiled lasciviously, but suddenly, the smile dropped.

“What the fuck!”

“What is it boss?” one of the black guys asked.

“Are you a fucking bloke?!”

“No!” I said. This was not a good place to be outed.

“He’s a fucking bloke. Look! An Adam’s apple!”

Everyone suddenly started to crowd around me for a look. I realised that in doing so they had cut off any chance of escape back up the path.

Before I had chance to object, one of the many hands in the group snatched out at my skirt and lifted it, revealing my semi-tumescent cock and tight balls. Voices shouted and gasps of surprise were audible.

I pushed the skirt back down again, but too late. The damage was done.

“Look,” I said, dropping into my male voice, “I don’t want any trouble.”

The boss produced a knife from his pocket, and held it threateningly in his hand, blade exposed.

“You drop out of character again and you’re in fucking trouble. Now tell me, in your other voice, that you understand.”

I didn’t hesitate. “I understand,” I said, in my most feminine tones. I was going along now just to survive.

“Stand back everyone,” the boss shouted, “this little bitch is going to show us how a real woman walks.”

They created a corridor in their ranks.

“Go on. Walk to the end and back. And make it the sexiest you’ve ever walked!”

I did what I was told. I stood erect, pouted my lips, stuck out my ass, and wiggled my hips as I walked away from the boss and back again.

“Fuck me!” shouted someone in the crowd. “She’s got it going on!” Whistles from others confirmed his observation.

“Get on your knees.”

I did as the boss told me. I knelt right in front of him. Face to face with his crotch, I could see his cock swelling behind his jeans. I looked around and saw that most of the others were in a similar state.

“Eyes on the prize bitch.”

He unzipped his fly, and pulled out a thick throbbing cock that only enlarged further when released from its confines.

He waved the knife in the air. “No fucking around. No pointless pleas for mercy. No futile attempts at escape. You do as I say, and you won’t get hurt. Not too much anyway. Understand?”

I nodded. I wasn’t getting out of this. I just had to commit. Take this stranger’s cock in my mouth, let him cum down my throat and then go. The alternative wasn’t worth considering.

I opened my mouth, and licked my lips, inviting him in. He smiled.

“There’s a good girl.” Then he shoved his fat cock in my mouth and down my throat.

I gagged. This was an alien feeling to me. I wasn’t gay. The only time I’d ever had a cock in my mouth was when I got assaulted in Bangkok. But I let him use me as he wished. I didn’t want to get hurt.

And use me he did.

There was no gentle edging in. He just buried his cock, balls deep, in my mouth. He began fucking my throat. I coughed and spluttered for air around his fat swollen bellend. He didn’t give a fuck. He just kept hammering me. His pubic bush smothering my nose as he did.

He didn’t last long. Thank god for small mercies I thought, as he proceeded to pump hot salty cum into my mouth until he was spent.

He withdrew. I licked a trail of jizz from my lips, hoping to keep him pleased.

I smiled up at him. “I hope you liked that. Can I go now?”

He smiled back. But it was a cruel smile. “Go? You’ve only just started.”

“What?” Surely he didn’t mean that I had to attend to the others also. “That wasn’t the deal!”

“There is no deal you silly little bitch.” He laughed, and everyone else sniggered along with him. I noticed that all around me, flies were being unzipped, and erect cocks exposed to the night time air.

I made a decision. This wasn’t going to end well, so I couldn’t let it happen. While everyone was busy undressing, laughing and whatever else occupied them, I made a break for it.

I leapt from my knees towards the path I had travelled down, and scrambled up it at pace. The heels slowed me, but I was desperate to get away and threw myself up the banking like a wild animal.

Someone grabbed my ankles and yanked me off my feet. I hit the ground with a heavy thud, nearly knocking me unconscious. It took me at least two or three seconds to come round from the impact, and that was all the time they needed. Multiple hands dragged me back down the slope and threw me onto the floor.

I was still dazed from hitting the floor, but my instincts kicked in. I tried to get to my feet to make another attempt at escape. A fist struck me in my stomach, and I dropped to my knees again. I looked up to see who had struck the blow, but at that moment I was slapped hard across my face. All I could see now was stars.

“I told you not to try and escape bitch!”

Another hard slap, this time on the other side of my face.

“Please…” I begged in my most feminine tones. Don’t hurt me. I won’t run again.”

“Too fucking right you won’t!” came the reply. “Tie her up. Over there!”

I was lifted into the air. Rough hands grabbed my legs and arms, one tightly pincering the back of my neck. Then I was thrown face-down across the think trunk of a fallen tree. Rope was produced and my hands were tied together in front of me and secured against the tree itself. This done, each of my ankles was bound and secured against adjacent branches. The ropes were looped around these branches and tightened so that my legs were spread wide open.

“How do you like that bitch?” said someone. But I couldn’t see them. Everyone was behind me, the tree I was tied to was at the edge of the clearing.

Another voice. “Del…Rhonda…let her look at you.”

There was some shuffling followed by footsteps. Also a general murmur of amusement among the crowd…which was very worrying.

I prayed that I would get out of this situation in one piece, but my face was still stinging from the slaps I had received and my stomach was sore. It didn’t look good.

In front of me stepped Rhonda, who was the smack-whore I had noticed earlier. Del was a male equivalent. Skinny and angular. Both of them had missing teeth.

“Get undressed you two. There’ll be a wrap of the good stuff for you if you do as I say.”

They both stripped without hesitation, looking like skeletons in their naked form. Del had a short but very fat cock. He was very hairy, and his balls hung long and low. Rhonda was all bones, flat chested and very slight.

“Rhonda, get Del nice and hard for our guest here.”

Rhonda dropped to her knees and began to suck on Del’s flaccid cock. She seemed quite the expert as she slurped on his tip, swallowed his shaft and sucked on his balls. But it took Del ages to become erect. Probably because of the drugs. Eventually however, Rhonda removed her mouth and stood up to reveal his very fat hard member.

“Okay Del. Time to fill this little sluts mouth.” That was the boss again.

Del came over and jabbed his fat cock at my mouth. He stank and I didn’t want him anywhere near me so I kept my mouth closed. Rhonda suddenly appeared at his side.

“You keep your dick hard, and leave this faggot to me.”

She dropped to her knees once more, this time right in front of me. I noticed her labia were glistening. She was evidently enjoying all this.

“Open wide,” she instructed. I shook my head. “Hard way it is then.”

She shuffled over to me and before I had time to take a breath, she shoved her skinny pussy in my face. And she wasted no time in getting her kicks. She rubbed herself hard over my face, coating me with her sticky juices.

I couldn’t breath. I opened my mouth wide, but she was completely smothering me. Bring herself off on my face. I stuck my tongue out and started fucking her with it, just to bring her off more quickly so I could breath again.

I was nearly passing out now. My ears started buzzing. But just then Rhonda came, and she gushed her creamy white juices down my chin. She fell back away from me, twitching with her orgasm. I gulped greedily at the air.

“Okay,” she said, “you shut your mouth again and I’ll face fuck you again. And I’ll fucking suffocate you next time. Your choice bitch.”

I looked at her dripping pussy and then her very serious face. “Okay,” I replied, and opened my mouth wide.

Del didn’t waste any time. He’d been wanking the whole time while watching me get smothered by Rhonda’s cunt and was really hard. He shoved his dirty cock in my mouth, and started to fuck it, his balls banging off my chin. Rhonda, in turn, had crawled around behind me. and was kneading my buttocks and playing with my cock.

Through the feelings of revulsion and dread that I was having while having my mouth raped by a dirty junkie, I surprised to feel my cock slowly stiffen. Despite everything, Rhonda’s hands were turning me on. That feeling was suddenly multiplied a hundred-fold when the silky wetness of a tongue was introduced to my asshole. Although not a feeling I’d experienced before, it was extremely sensual and stimulating.

“That’s right,” shouted the voice of the boss, “get her nice and lubed up.”

I hoped that I’d misunderstood what he might mean.

The tongue darted deep into my arse now, and Del’s cock still fucked my lipsticked mouth. My cock stiffened even more so that it was fully erect, and the tip started to lube up with precum. Rhonda noticed this and used it to massage the most sensitive parts on my cock.

“The bitch is fucking loving it!”

They weren’t entirely correct. My strengthening erection was purely a physical reaction. Rhonda’s hands were expert and there was no way my cock wouldn’t have reacted to her ministrations. Also the emerging ribbons of precum were largely due to the fact I hadn’t cum for so long and that I had been edging myself consistently every day for a week. My prostate was swollen near to bursting point with seminal fluid. However, I couldn’t deny that there was something in the pit of my stomach that was starting to enjoy the attention I was getting. Something that I needed to control and deny. I had to focus on getting out of this situation safely.

Del’s cock started straining and jerking in my mouth. He was going to cum. I licked at the tip furiously, eager to get him out of my mouth as soon as I could. But he withdrew of his own accord. He removed his cock just as the first thick globs of cum shot from it. He held his cock against my forehead, so that the spurts of cum exploded against my skin and dribbled down my face. He came loads. Much more than the boss had. Rivulets of the stuff steamed across my cheeks, nose and chin. Some got in my eye.

Del stopped cumming. He stepped back and replaced his cock in his trousers. My eye was stinging.

“Can someone clean this off please?” I asked in my most subservient girlish voice.

“You heard her Rhonda,” said the boss, “clean her up.”

The tongue stopped licking my ass, and Rhonda got to her feet. She climbed over the tree and stood her naked form in front of me again.

“Yeah, I’ll do that,” she said, and leaned her pussy in towards me.

I don’t know what I was expecting, but it certainly wasn’t the jet of yellow piss that shot into my face.

The crowd behind me began to laugh raucously as Rhonda emptied her bladder over my face. I tried to hold my breath as her piss streamed over me, but I ran out of air while waiting for her to finish and had to part my lips. As soon as I did, she pissed into my mouth making it diffcult to draw the air that I needed. I lapped at the piss with my tongue to create a break in the flow and inhaled wherever possible so I didn’t pass out.

Eventually the stream ran dry. And once again I gasped for air. My face stank of piss, pussy and cum. I imagined I must have looked a terrible sight…my mascara running down my face, lipstick smeared over my mouth. I wondered if that was it now. If I had been humiliated enough.

No such luck.

Rhonda was smiling at me mischievously. “Put your tongue out,” she ordered. I was way past arguing, and presented the full length of my tongue to her.

She pulled my face into her pussy, and rubbed her clit up and down on tongue. Her pussy was creaming up like crazy. She was very turned on. I lapped at her and was rewarded with yet more junkie pussy juice. Somehow I got lost in the moment and forgot I was being watched by a crowd.

Rhonda came with a gasp, and flooded my mouth with a jet of ejaculate. I drank it down hungrily. I was reluctantly really starting to enjoy this.

“Mmmmm this little bitch is getting horny!” she said. “Let’s see what else I can do with her.”

She stepped back across the fallen tree over which I was bent and tied. I felt her hands on my ass cheeks as she positioned herself between my spread legs. She squeezed them firmly. It felt nice. I felt her tongue licking my asshole. She pushed it deep inside me, then withdrew it and spat on my ass before tonguing it again. She did this alternately several times. I felt her copious sputum dribbling down the crack of my ass and flooding over my balls.

At one point, I thought her tongue had been introduced again, before realising the object in question was too stiff to be a tongue. It was actually a finger that was inside me now.

“Time for your first fucking,” Rhonda said. “And just because it’s from a woman, don’t expect an easy ride. I’m going to earn my keep.”

I didn’t really want to think too much about what that might mean. But anyway, I didn’t have to wait long before she made her intention clear.

And so, she introduced a second finger to my ass. Slowly she began to fuck me. She’d made me wet with her spit and they slid in easily. Her fingers were long and narrow, and felt like one of the slender dildos that I had sometimes used when I masturbated. In fact, she was really starting to turn me on.

She slow fucked me like this for a while, loosening my arse and relaxing my nerves. It was a pleasant sensation. She never allowed the finger fucking to become dry and uncomfortable, spitting on my ass to keep it lubed.

Suddenly she stopped, her two fingers deep inside me.

“Let’s give you a little massage,” she said.

I felt her fingers clawing around inside me, as if trying to find something. Something that she found.

“There it is!” she cackled. Her fingers pressed against my prostate, and started to massage it with long firm strokes.

Almost instantly, strings of precum began to emerge from my now swollen cock. My prostate was full to bursting and it wouldn’t have taken much to spur it into action. Nevermind such devoted attention as this. Despite myself, it felt great. I was getting really horny.

“Look at her juicing up! She’s loving this!” the boss shouted. And I actually was. Rhonda, despite her skinny junkie looks, was doing the business. She was turning me from a terrified prisoner into a slutty submissive bitch.

She started using my streams of precum as lube that she added to her fingers. It made the experience even smoother and sexier. A third finger entered me and I hardly noticed. Then a fourth. It widened me out, but I enjoyed it. I was too caught up in my sexy prostate massage, enjoying the feeling of being milked for everyone’s visual benefit. However, when a thumb also started prod at my hole I suddenly started to realise what was going on. She was trying to get her whole hand in me.

“I can’t!” I protested.

“You can and you will,” cackled Rhonda in reply.

She pushed all five digits now into my ass. I resisted, but she was determined, and edged her way in. I could feel my sphincter start to strain. “Please…no!”

“Just relax,” said Rhonda, “otherwise it will really hurt. Just take it. Enjoy it. It’s going to happen.”

So that was that. I just had to resign myself to it.

Rhonda pushed a bit harder. She was upto her skinny knuckles now. I was stretched really wide. She spat on her knuckles and pushed again. I felt like she was going to split me in two.

“Nearly there,” she said, ” and just as I was about to reply, she suddenly thrust into me, pinning me to the log. She was in me. The pain in my sphincter was less as it wrapped around her narrow wrist, but her hand filled my gut painfully.

But it was an enjoyable pain.

She slowly started to fist fuck me, withdrawing her hand nearly to the knuckle before pushing in me to the wrist again. Her fist pushed against my swollen prostate every time, making fresh ribbons of pre cum slide out of my cock. Every time she went back in, she went a bit deeper. An extra inch. She started off by fucking me up to her wrist. Then she worked her lower forearm into me. Before I knew it, lost in a fog of debilitating sexual debasement, she had forced half her arm into me.

I could feel her fingertips pushing deep into my gut every time she thrust into me. Trying to navigate their way through my intestines, which were being stretched to their limit to accommodate them. The pain of this was sharp, dangerous feeling, but my increasing feeling of arousal accommodated the feeling…made it add to an increasing sense of sexual abandon.

I screamed. She had taken me to the ultimate extent of my capacity and was fucking me up to her elbow. And she was fucking me hard.

Cheers arose from the crowd. Cries of, “Give it her!” and, “Harder!” could be heard. Rhonda didn’t disappoint. She fucked with ferocity now, up to her elbow and back out to her knuckles again. Fast, furious and brutal. And I loved every moment of it.

She stopped at one point, her elbow clamped by my tightly stretched sphincter muscle. I felt her ball her hand into a fist. It hurt. She rolled me as far onto my side as she could.

“Look!” she told everyone. I looked down and saw the outline of her fist inside my gut, just under my ribs on my right hand side. This turned me on more than it should.

Without warning she withdrew her arm entirely. I felt that same twang of pain as her knuckles passed through my ass hole…knuckles that she kept balled into a fist this time.

I cried out, both in pain and in a feeling of loss at the ordeal having finished.

“Don’t worry,” she said, “you’ve got a long night ahead of you now that you’ve been warmed up.”

She slapped me on the ass and stood up. She got dressed to the cheers and applause of the crowd. A small package was thrown her way.

“There are three wraps in there,” said the boss, “you deserved it for that performance.” She snatched the package up greedily and ran off to the edge of the clearing.

I became suddenly conscious of being alone and exposed in this manner. Despite very much being part of the assault, I felt safer with Rhonda. Now, however, I felt suddenly very vulnerable again. My mini skirt was hitched above my waist where she left it and my ass pointed rather too invitingly in the air. I was worried about where all this might end, but at the same time I didn’t want it to.

Aware of the sound of movement behind me, I looked over my shoulder as best I could while tied up in this way. It swiftly became apparent that Rhonda was right: there was indeed a long night ahead of me. Twenty cocks were now exposed to the night time air as every single member of the audience dropped their pants. Each one of those cocks was throbbingly erect and dripping precum as their owners stroked them into attention. And the assembled crowd slowly headed in my direction.

Soon I was completely encircled by hard cocks, each one pointing in my direction.

“If you’re good,” said the boss, “you might just get out of this alive.”

I nodded, now completely committed to what came next: half due to a need to survive but also because of a deep lust in my belly that Rhonda had begun and which I needed satisfied. And the faster we all got what we wanted, the sooner I would be set free.

“Fuck me boys,” I panted.

Hands suddenly began to caress my body…some gentle, some rough. Fingers entered my asshole, massaging my prostate. Others grabbed at my cock and balls, jerking and squeezing me. My mind was brought into sudden sharp focus by a hand slapping my arse cheeks with stinging force…and then another. Another hand forced its way under my bra and squeezed my nipple painfully, making me draw breath.

The mood was changing.

“Get her on her back!”

I was untied from the tree and thrown roughly on the ground, face up this time. I made no effort to resist, too aware of the consequences.

A kick was delivered to my ribs that robbed me of my breath and made wince.

“There’s more where that came from if you try and resist!”

“I won’t,” I replied as best I could through the lingering pain of the kick.

The words had barely left my mouth before one of the gang positioned himself between my legs. Grabbing my ankles, he lifted my legs into the air and plunged his hard cock into my anus. He sank his tongue into my mouth and kissed me deeply, withdrawing to allow two cocks to push in between my lips. My hands were guided to two other cocks and I started to wank them off. I could see nothing but the muscular hips and thighs that were fucking my face, but I could sense every inch of every cock that was using me.

I surprised myself by groaning out loud in pleasure lust. I was slapped hard across the face.

“Bitch!” Someone spat at me.

Cum suddenly flooded my mouth as the two cocks simultaneously erupted. The man fucking my ass groaned and lunged forwards with a mighty thrust, showing that he too was emptying himself inside me. Another man took his place. He was rougher than the last. He grabbed my throat as he climbed on top of me. With a single thrust he was inside me and fucking me hard. His hand didn’t leave my throat and the pressure increased as he got more and more turned on. My eyes started to bulge in my head. I began to panic and struggled to get him off me. But hands pinned me down. He slapped me hard across the face. I passed out.

I awoke to a rain of blows. Numerous hands were slapping my face and thighs. Two of them had pulled off belts and were whipping my stomach and chest. I was covered in welts and I felt my face begin to swell.

“She’s awake again!”

“My turn!”

My legs were spread again, and yet another man began to fuck me. Other cocks invaded my mouth, and my hands were used to keep everyone who was waiting fluffed up and ready. Others just wanked off against my skin, wherever it might be exposed. In this way I was exposed to around 12 or 14 cocks at a time.

I couldn’t keep count of the jets of cum that were squirted across or into my body. My stomach was starting to swell painfully with volume of thick white cream that had been pumped into it. My jaw was aching from being constantly prised open and violated. Each one of them seemed ready to cum three or four times each.

Hours passed like this, and I considered it a break if only half a dozen cocks were abusing me at any one time. I felt like I’d never even been a man. That this was my sole purpose in life, to provide pleasure for cock. And I fucking loved it. I even started to enjoy the violence, as much as that realisation disturbed me.

At one point they made me stand up against a tree and tied me to it by a rope that they fastened across my neck. I nearly passed out again as the blood struggled to reach my brain, but they took no notice. I was forced to kiss some of them and wank off their cocks while others slapped my erect cock and hit me in the stomach with branches. One of these strikes was so hard that I threw up over myself, which seemed to amuse the crowd no end.

I was untied and fell to the ground on my knees, where I desperately tried to clean myself of puke and cum with a handful of leaves.

“Stay right where you are!” a voice ordered.

I froze.

The boss made a point of looking carefully at all the men who were assembled and chose three of them to come over to me. It didn’t take me long to realise why, those three sporting the largest cocks among the group. Each was around nine to ten inches long and as thick as my wrist.

I got ready to be penetrated again, and was looking forward to more abuse from their cocks in my holes. But they weren’t interested in my mouth this time. All three assembled behind me.

One of them, one of the black guys, got on his back and wriggled into place underneath me.

“Sit on it bitch!”

I lowered my gaping asshole into his cock, and groaned at the pleasure of being filled up again. Behind me one of the other men lined his cock up with my hole, and squeezed it forcefully inside me alongside the other. My asshole strained. Combined the two cocks were as big as Rhonda’s fist and I felt the pressure as they swelled inside.

“Room for one more?” The third man laughed and got into position. Oh my god, I thought, they’re going to tear me apart! But they didn’t share my concerns. I felt my muscle tear slightly as a third huge cock was forced into me. It hurt so much as they started fucking me. Three massive cocks slamming into my guts, and ripping my sphincter. Making my stomach bulge and writhe with their brutal pummelling…

…and I loved every minute of it.

I stopped any pretence of resistance now, and utterly gave myself over to the feeling of my desperately erotic humiliation.

“Fuck me harder!” I cried, and pushed back on their cocks. I was groaning and moaning like an animal. Spurts of ejaculate shot from my cock as they pounded my prostate, caught somewhere between the pre-cumming stage and a full orgasm.

As I arched my back so I could throw all my weight onto their cocks, the extra pressure seemed to trigger a reaction. They grabbed hold of my arse cheeks, my hips, my throat, the back of my neck…anywhere they could find…and began to buck and thrust as they all came inside me again. I was filled with their white seed, as well as thirty or forty other loads, and they each of them pulled away as their cocks softened and fell out of me.

The man beneath me stayed there a moment, looking into my eyes. Then he suddenly and roughly sat up and threw me onto my back. I was all out of strength, and deeply in pain, so couldn’t resist as he jumped atop of me, sinking his full weight onto my stomach.

“Try make a fag out of me will you? Little fucking bitch!”

Both his hands went to my throat and he began to choke me. The now familiar buzz of approaching unconsciousness entered my ears.

He spat in my face. Once. Twice. Three times. Then he slapped me hard and repeatedly until I could barely see.

“Now eat my ass!”

He changed his position, and smothered my face with his manly cleft.

“Get your tongue right up there!”

I extended my tongue as far as it would go, and fucked his hole furiously with it.

My cock was in his fist now, and then I felt his mouth close around it too. The feeling was warm and welcome. But I was running out of breath. The masculine scent of his flesh was entirely suffocating me. The last thing I remembered as I passed out was shooting my cum into his throat as he bit down on my cock and shoved his ass even more firmly back on my mouth.

I awoke naked, apart from my bra, on my back in a pile of leaves. I couldn’t move I was so weak Battered torn and bruised. My arse felt like it was about to fall out of my body and my face had swollen out so much that I couldn’t see out of one eye. I was covered in purple bruises and the skin around my neck was raw. The smell of male musk was still strong on my face.

Looking up I could see that the men were all still there. Rhonda also – dressed in my clothes and boots.

“These are a good fit,” she said with a smug smile.

“I’m glad,” I replied.

She nodded. “Now, spread your legs, grab your ankles and show me your sweet little man pussy.”

I did as told and exposed my battered hole to the crowd yet again. Rhonda touched the hole with the tip of her (my) boot. Then, wiggling her foot, she worked the toe of it into my anus.

“That was too easy!” she remarked.

She withdrew the boot and then kicked me so hard in my hole that she buried half her foot in me. I cried out in pain.

“More or less?” she asked.

I had already learnt my lesson about trying to avoid my fate.

“More,” I said meekly.

“Good girl. You’re learning.” She withdrew her foot and kicked me in my ass again. And then again. And again and again. Sometimes the toe of her boot would connect painfully with my prostate making my cock squirt. The last kick buried all of the boot except the heel deep inside me. It was painful…but so fucking hot.

“I’m done here,” she said, and walked off.

“Time for us all to go,” said the boss. “But first, lets clean her up.”

“How?” someone asked.

“Same way as Rhonda did.”

It seemed a fitting end to the episode. I had been given their cum and their spit, and now I was to get their piss too. I laid back, spread my legs and grabbed my ankles so that my sore and gaping asshole was exposed, and I opened my mouth wide. I welcomed them to use me as their toilet.

Once by one they pointed their now limp cocks at me, and let the piss fly. In seconds my skin was drenched with the stuff, as streams of golden rain sprayed me from all directions. Some pissed directly into my asshole so that it mixed with all the cum in my gut. Most aimed for my mouth and I gratefully swallowed pint after pint of it. I even opened my eyes so that the more sadistic individuals could piss directly into them, making me wince and cry.

And then it was over. I was left in a sticky pool of piss and cum as they started to get their trousers back on. They brushed their hair, rearranged their jackets, and slapped each other on the backs in a congratulatory manner as they started to drift off.

The boss was the last to leave.

“You did good he said.”

I smiled at him through my cracked and broken lips.

“Wanna do this again some time.”

Yes. Yes I did. I nodded.

For apparently no reason whatsoever, he picked me up and carried me over to the fallen tree. He threw me over it and tied me to it spread eagle, just as had been done to me right back at the beginning

“Come back in two months from last night…when you’ve sorted yourself out.”

And then he was gone.

I looked around, looking for any sign of life. But there was none. A slight tint of rust in the now morning sky hinted at the coming dawn. Maybe someone would be along soon. Morning dog walkers perhaps. But the first hour brought nothing.

In the end two homeless guys wandered into the clearing down the path, each with a bottle of some nasty looking hooch in their hands. The look on their faces was one of shock to begin with. But this soon changed to something altogether different. They probably hadn’t had sex for years, and they jumped at the chance. I didn’t fight back at they fucked my mouth and ass with their stinky cocks. In fact I encouraged them, and groaned in pleasure at their comparatively gentle attentions.

When they finished they left in a hurry. Probably worried about the repercussions of their act. In the end I was discovered by a girl of about twenty years old who untied me and generously let me wear her coat for warmth while we awaited the police that she’d just phoned for.

When two policemen eventually turned up, she left me with a hug and genuinely concerned best wishes. The police took over and started taking a statement. They gave me a rug in place of the woman’s coat. They were very sympathetic, although I noticed them eyeing up my abused ass on several occasions. Of course, I had left it peeping out from under the blanket for exactly that reason.

It was then that one of them spotted an empty smack wrap in the floor.

“This anything to do with you?” he asked.

I shook my head. “No officer.”

“Doesn’t look good,” he said, “you could get a lengthy prison sentence on the back of this.”

“Please don’t do that,” I pleaded, in my sluttiest tones. “I’ll do anything.”

But that is a story for another day.

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