Chronicles of Danny Ch. 08-3

“That’s because you drive me crazy.” Danny whispered. “I like you in girly panties every now and then.” Ashley giggled before wrapping her arms around Danny. “I like to feel girly every now and then.” Danny joked as they rested their head against Ashley’s. It felt so good to feel free to explore various aspects … Read more

Chronicles of Danny Ch. 08-2

“Kara, I want to hurt this bitch.” Madison said as her nostrils flared. “So get the paddle.” Kara said as she pulled a pair of scissors out from the desk. Natasha opened her eyes and felt her heart beat faster once she knew another weapon would be added to the mix. The crop was starting … Read more

Chronicles of Danny Ch. 08-1

The next day, Danny eagerly waited for their last class to end. They squirmed in their seat as they continued checking their watch. The reason for this was because Danny was looking forward to getting laid again. Introducing the dildo into theirs and Ashley’s sex life gave them new ideas and they were practically getting … Read more

A White Tiger and The Wolf Ch. 05-1

Chapter 5: Love and Understanding. The next morning, when she awoke in Bradley’s arms, Kay again felt safe. Being held by Brad was like coming home. It seemed that in his arms everything was so simple, straightforward and peaceful. Her skin was still feeling hot, but it was not burning up. Kay tried to communicate … Read more

Chronicles of Danny Ch. 07-2

One by one a new model walked out and one by one they were horrified as the clothes they wore fell from their bodies. There was a friend of Cammy’s who wore a tennis outfit that was humiliated as they stood there in a white bra and Hanes her way thong. She sobbed as ran … Read more

Chronicles of Danny Ch. 07-1

“Hurry up!” Danny whispered to Ashley and Natasha as they held the door open to the ballroom. All three of them wore the same black outfits and black ski masks as before, the nighttime darkness assisting them in remaining hidden from others. Natasha carried a black backpack while Danny held onto a flashlight that was … Read more

A White Tiger and The Wolf Ch. 04

Chapter 4 : The Black Wolf Mansion. When Kay arrived at Bradley’s house, she was shocked at the sheer size of the place. It was four stories high. The brick work was a pebble dash effect that was beautiful. On the bottom level, the windows were stain glass with what looked like pictures of animals … Read more

Chronicles of Danny Ch. 06-2

Mistress Victoria circled her tongue counter clockwise inside Natasha before removing it so she could lick against Natasha’s clitoris. As soon as she felt the hard tongue pushing against it, Natasha cried out in joy, feeling streams of her juice dripping from her vulva and onto Mistress Victoria’s chin. Mistress Victoria moaned as she drank … Read more

Chronicles of Danny Ch. 06-1

“Wow it’s really packed tonight.” Danny said after both they and Ashley stepped through the large wooden doors of the bar that was called, “Ric’s Bar & Grill” and saw the place crowded with students. It was the only place cheap and close enough to campus for students to hang out at. Ashley and Danny … Read more